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VanDyne SuperTurbo™ Wins the Frost & Sullivan 2012 Automotive Powertrain New Product Innovation Award

"The most innovative factor of the VanDyne SuperTurbo is that it mechanically controls the speed ratio between the engine and the turbine or the compressor wheels. VanDyne has developed a proprietary high speed drive system that provides efficient and reliable torque transfer on and off high-speed rotating parts. When combined with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the engine management system (EMS) can develop or generate the desired boost pressure at any engine speed." said the analyst from Frost & Sullivan

VanDyne SuperTurbo, Inc. has also increased its funding from $8 to $10 million from Northwater Capital's Intellectual Property Fund. Proceeds from the financing will speed up the commercialization of the Heavy Duty SuperTurbo™ for On-Highway Trucks and construction equipment.


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